About Dr. Fabricius


As a licensed primary care physician specializing in natural medicine,
I am dedicated to helping you achieve your optimal state of health
so that you may recover quickly from the pain or limitations
your current condition imposes. I will act as your Health Coach.
We will be a Team. Together, with your devoted effort, we will achieve
the most effective and speedy recovery that you are capable of.

– Christopher J. Fabricius, ND


Dr. Christopher J. Fabricius is a Licensed Naturopathic Physician (ND) and recognized expert in German Biological Medicine, Constitutional and Terrain-based Homeopathy, Living Systems Information Therapy and related fields. He is a graduate of the National College of Naturopathic Medicine – the oldest accredited Naturopathic medical school in the US – and certified in the use of clinical Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) through the esteemed Knightsbridge Institute.

A state licensed primary care physician (WA), Dr. Fabricius also lectures extensively to physicians and medical students throughout the US and Canada. He remains a dedicated student, as well, regularly taking courses in the US, Canada and Europe to further expand his knowledge and sharpen his skills.

Dr. Fabricius is endorsed by Ralph Moss, PhD, internationally acclaimed founding advisor to the National Institute of Health’s Office of Alternative Medicine, and listed in the prestigious Moss Reports as an expert physician, capable of providing natural medical care to patients with cancer. He has lectured before the American Cancer Society, Gilda’s Club and related support groups. He has appeared in Vegetarian Times and on the popular TV show Healthy by Choice. He also has the honor of being the only naturopathic physician invited to serve on the Scientific Advisory Board for the special Woman’s Day publication Vitamins, Herbs & Health.

A resident of the majestic Cache Valley, Dr. Fabricius’ Logan, UT, practice is designed to care for people from around the globe. He serves patients from as far away as New Zealand and Israel, and from as close as his own backyard. He considers his sacred duties as a Christian, father, son, friend and physician to be a blessing in his life, as his spiritual commitment is to live honorably in service. He is an Eagle Scout, as well as a Vigil Brother in the Order of the Arrow, the Brotherhood of Cheerful Service. His Leni-lenapi American Indian name Anatschiton means “the one who cares.”


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