Long Distance Naturopathic Care with Dr. Fabricius


As a licensed primary care physician specializing in natural medicine,
I am dedicated to helping you achieve your optimal state of health
so that you may recover quickly from the pain or limitations
your current condition imposes. I will act as your Health Coach.
We will be a Team. Together, with your devoted effort, we will achieve
the most effective and speedy recovery that you are capable of.

– Christopher J. Fabricius, ND


One of the great things about modern technology is that it’s easier than ever to provide naturopathic medical care over long distances.

Many of those most in need of the comprehensive diagnosis and healing support Living Medicine provides have mobility issues. Even short journeys for treatment a hardship. Sometimes, access is the issue: There are just no local physicians able to successfully deal with the kinds of complex, multifactorial conditions they present.

This is why Dr. Fabricius specializes in long-distance care. Based in the Portland/Vancouver metro area, he works by phone and online with patients from all corners of the US and beyond. Take a look at what they have to say, and you’ll see successes from as far away as Florida and New Zealand.

These are people who needed answers that the medical establishment could not provide. They had been diagnosed with all manner of chronic illness: fibromyalgia, lupus, chronic fatigue, ALS, multiple chemical sensitivity, Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, MS, Alzheimer’s, Lyme disease, cancer…

Above all, they are people who value the quality of the completely individualized care Dr. Fabricius provides, who committed themselves to restoring their health through Living Medicine.

We encourage you to learn more about Dr. Fabricius and Living Medicine. Decide for yourself if this is the path you’ve been seeking for restored and optimally sustained health and well-being.