What Patients Say

Dr. Fabricius is the only doctor who was able to diagnose my condition and implement a plan for me to regain my health. He has found the root of my medical problems and is committed to helping me become well again. Dr. Fabricius’ wisdom, compassion and dedication to Living Medicine are helping me to regain my life. I highly recommend him, and I am a true believer in Living Medicine.

– Longmeadow, MA

Specialist after specialist offered no answers to our daughter’s condition. We came to Dr. Fabricius out of desperation. He has turned our desperation into restoration. He has taken the time and interest to put all of the pieces of her health history together, from birth to age 19, and meticulously prescribe a Living Medicine Protocol tailored just for her. Health is finally beginning to be restored as we move forward with an entirely new and exciting kind of medicine. Living Medicine is no longer a last resort for us – it is what we turn to first when a medical issue arises.

– Longmeadow, MA

I had felt short-shifted by my regular doctors on many occasions and was looking for something better: a doctor who would listen, who would try to understand what was going on with my body at any particular time and who would take great care in forming his “prescription.”

I had an initial consultation, which lasted several hours during which he overturned every stone in my physical, emotional and spiritual life in order to develop a complete picture of me. From there, he made many recommendations as to how I might help my body re-balance itself.

I have followed his recommendations, and I feel healthier and happier than ever. I can honestly say that his approach to healing has not only improved my health but has also helped me to change my perspective and re-focus my energy.

– New York, NY

Being a doctor myself, I have a deep knowledge of biological systems and processes. Even I was truly awed by Chris’ abilities.

After an extensive evaluation process, Dr. Fabricius developed a twelve month program of systemic cleansing and supporting of each organ system. Within a month, I started to feel better. Fourteen months after starting Dr. Fabricius’ program, I had a CT Scan and Ultrasound that was close to normal. Two years later, follow up tests show that I have maintained my healthy status.

– Stamford, CT

Dr. Fabricius – a rare breed of doctor indeed! [He] has a brilliant mind and loves to educate his patient, providing information to enable more conscious choices.

He engages you in stimulating, often humorous conversation, while he listens and observes and evaluates you as a threefold being – body, mind, soul/spirit.

He is thorough, careful, respectful, sincere, dedicated to do what it takes to see you through to a healthier state.
The amount of quality time and thought [Dr. Fabricius] has given to me assisting me to become healthier is amazing and unheard of in today’s world of health care.

– Wilton, CT

In January 2000, I was diagnosed as having three inoperable aneurysms.

In the initial and subsequent telephone consultations I found [Dr. Fabricius] sympathetic, knowledgeable and with an in-depth understanding of my condition. He has given me confidence that my condition would improve, and such has been the case. Since I started, my physical condition, my general outlook and my self-confidence have all improved significantly, and I am now able to engage in most of my usual daily activities.

As a Registered Nurse, I have dealt with many medical practitioners over many years, I would rate Dr. Fabricius among the top.

– New Zealand

[Dr. Fabricius] has provided me the unique blend of medicine, spirit and support that has helped me through a number of medical situations over the past years.

He has a willingness to listen to the scope of a patient’s problems and offer treatment options that take in the whole person, not just one isolated symptom.

I have never had such a thorough and in-depth work up of my physical, mental, and spiritual well being.

– West Palm Beach, FL

His treatment plans demand both patience and a serious commitment to improving health. But time and time again, within our own family, we have seen excellent results from his protocols. As a practitioner, his great warmth and vitality and enthusiasm for life are wonderfully contagious, and something that I am sure all his patients benefit from. There are true healers in all walks of life, and I believe that Chris Fabricius is one of them.

Although the chemotherapy still hit me hard and I threw up often during its infusion, during the interim between treatments, I was, as everyone who I knew said, “the healthiest person they knew…aside from the fact that I had cancer.”

The conventional doctors that have treated me at hospitals throughout my trials with this disease have marveled time and again at the way I have come through each treatment. Today, I have had no major complications, no lasting damage, aside from scars in the places the scalpel has seen.

– Cambridge, MA