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Diagnostics and Services


Dr. Fabricius takes a true and sincere interest in each patient: working with patients — not on them. His care is entirely individualized based on each patient’s unique situation. He serves as your educator and coach providing information, insight, and guidance.

Your journey begins by compiling the most complete history possible. This includes exploring the various physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual influences that have brought you where you are today.

This is supplemented by appropriate diagnostic testing. Dr. Fabricius analyzes this data thoroughly and, like a detective, works out how all the pieces of your current health situation fit together. From this, Dr. Fabricius devises your unique protocol for restoring your health.


Living Medicine® makes use of both conventional and functional diagnostic testing as appropriate to each individual case.

Conventional Diagnostics

Conventional testing is used to detect pathological states in the human body. It’s ideal for answering simple questions like, Is the bone broken? Is there inflammation? Are there kidney stones?

These tests include blood chemistry, hormones, saliva samples, heavy metal burdens, genetic testing, physical exams, x-rays, ultrasound, MRIs, and others.

Functional Diagnostics

This kind of testing measures how well a particular organ is able to carry out healthy metabolic functions: How well is it working? Is it strong? Stressed? Impaired?

These assessments include gastro-intestinal health panels, adrenal stress indicies, female and male hormonal panels, thyroid panels, bone marker tests, detoxification panels, environmental intolerance panels, and Bio-Resonance Screening.